ATSSA 2018 Convention and Traffic Expo
Highway Safety participated at the 47th ATSSA Convention and Traffic Expo in San Antonio,TX. We would like to thank our many customers, suppliers and friends who interacted with us there.


Safety Records
The Marion Area Safety Council presented our Ohio fabrication operation with a certificate for working the entire year of 2015 without a lost-time injury or illness. We have achieved nine consecutive years without a lost-time injury or illness in 2016.

Safety Award

Our Ohio fabrication plant, our Connecticut fabrication plant and Connecticut Galvanizing established impressive safety records in 2014.

The Ohio plant has gone over six and a half years without a lost time injury. The Connecticut plant and Connecticut Galvanizing has achieved almost three years without a lost time injury.

Safety Award

safety posters

New Roll Former
Highway Safety Corp. installed a new, state-of-the-art, roll former to manufacture 12g and 10g guardrail in 12' 6" and 25' lengths.
   The new equipment allows us to produce guardrail with greater uniformity and consistency throughout the length of the product. Our computer systems allow us to control the process to maximum utilization of coil stock to improve our cost effectiveness.
   We are looking for other products to produce on the roll former. We can use steel on the equipment with maximum input size of 24 inches wide and 27 feet long and a maximum thickness of 10 gage.
   We hot dip galvanize our steel products on site.

Please click on photo to view a slide show of the New Roll Former.



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